Domestic transport

Extra insurance

Valuable shipments

Implies all shipments with a value exceeding BAM 50.

Valuable shipments are shipment orders whose value exceeds a certain limit. These shipments follow a different logic of cost calculation and insurance.


  • The cost calculation is performed according to shipment value instead of weight
  • Valuable shipments are specifically labeled and treated as priority
  • Valuable shipments have an especially high level of security

Special Delivery Service (SDS)

Repurchase collection indicated by the shipment, and return shipment to the sender.

Documents return (DC)

Return of certified supporting documentation to the sender.

Saturday delivery

Saturday delivery at the sender's request.

Extra insurance

At the sender's request, we insure shipments that exceed the basic insurance limit in transport.

Hypermarket delivery

Shipment delivery to markets. The service includes verification of supporting documents and their review by the recipient.

Time Defined Delivery

Guaranteed delivery within a defined time period.

Tender documentation

Delivery of tender documents within the agreed deadline.

Replacement shipment

If your delivery contains the wrong items, we offer the possibility of sending a replacement shipment.

Opening package

The receiver may visually inspect the delivery upon delivery.