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Track & Trace

Obavijest za Predstojeći praznik

Nowadays, time is money. Use the possibility of tracking Your shipment at any moment of overall delivery process, in real time. Check the current status of expected goods individually and simply, at Your own convenience and regardless of business hours.

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Customer Automation System

Tehnička rješenja

With our various CAS small and medium enterprises with an increased number of shipments particularly have a decisive advantage in shipment preparation. Our especially developed shipping software with highly IT-based automation increases the shipment processing speed which guarantees exact packaging and labeling of Your shipment.

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E-Mail Service


This service, allowing competitive advantages, enables the following: information on the number of delivered shipments until a certain time, accurate and detailed information, such as: package / pallet weight, successfully delivered shipments and the status of all shipments on delivery.

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SMS Service

Telefon Aviso

Profit from automated message delivery, enabling You to remain in close contact with Your clients at a high level. Use the informative benefits for Your Customer Service Management and use the opportunities offered within the logistics for Your individually selected customer groups.

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Telefon Aviso Service

Proširenje palete usluga sa dva nova proizvoda

Profit by sending shipments with maximum delivery probability using an electronically launched, personally performed telephone Aviso to Your recipient through our deliverer. Definition: Exclusively electronic, personal and secure regarding data...

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E-Mail Notificationa

E-Mail notifikacija

By using our E-mail Aviso service, take advantage of all the possibilities of client data integration into Your shipments. During shipment information handover, Your recipients receive a fully automated digital...

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Track & Trace

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