Express One

Standardization - secure shipment

In order to provide our customers with the highest quality and safest transport, including professional treatment of shipments in the expected quality and quantity, it is necessary to standardize shipments. Standardization describes the mandatory minimum and maximum dimensions, as well as the minimum and maximum weight of packages and pallets.

Shipments that exceed the defined standard dimensions require additional resources, human treatment and/or technical processing, as well as special time requirements and storage space. With all these factors, such shipments are considered to be “oversized shipments”. They are calculated separately and according to the guidelines of our General Terms and Conditions.

Prohibited items in the contents of shipments

EXPRESS ONE does not accept shipments that are dangerous (ADR shipments). Also, EXPRESS ONE does not take responsibility in case the sender sends a dangerous shipment that is not marked as ADR.

For special transports in an individual time frame, it’s best to be safe and contact our Sales department directly, so that we can optimally advise you and offer a solution for you.