Technical solutions

Shipping API

“Express One shipping API” is available to all customers who have their own system for preparation and implementation of shipments.

It is suitable primarily for companies that prepare and administer shipments, and it is also popular to use in Web Shops.

Shipping API enables system integration, so that the complete work related to the preparation and delivery of the shipment is done in only one application program.

What is the shipping API?

Shipping API is a software solution that enables communication between multiple systems.
It enables automatic administration and creation of transport documentation for clients who send multiple packages.

The benefits of using the shipping API?

• Use only one single shipment administration system
• Ability to customize the system to suit the customer
• Reduction of the number of errors and complications that are possible with manual entry
• Transcribing recipient information is not required
• Your staff does not need additional training on the use of the application

Save time and resources by integrating the web API with your business application or website.
Use the Express One web API and stay one step ahead of the competition.

If you are interested in integrating your system or web store with the Express One web API
contact our sales representative or simply call our customer service at 1311.

Be #1, and use the #1 express mail service!

Express One d.o.o.

Track & Trace

Use the ability to track your shipment at any time during the overall delivery process, in real time.

E-Mail Service

Our E-Mail service reports the current status information about your shipments in the EXPRESS ONE distribution network.

SMS Service

This service enables the recipient of the shipment to be informed about the delivery in a timely manner and to be able to adequately prepare for it.

Web Client

This software solution allows for the automation of the delivery preparation.

Phone Notification

Electronic confirmation of the delivery.

E-Mail Notification

Automated digital notification about the shipment's arrival.

Shipping API

It is suitable primarily for companies that prepare and organize shipments in their offer, and it is also popular to use in Web Shops.