Domestic transport

SDS – Special Delivery Service

SDS – Special Delivery Service

This service represents important refund insurance within the logistics service.


Goods delivery is performed exclusively after the collection of funds requested and indicated during delivery.


  • The most comfortable way of safe money refund
  • Avoidance of forced money collection costs
  • Optimization of your financial business

Special Delivery Service (SDS)

Repurchase collection indicated by the shipment, and return shipment to the sender.

Documents return (DC)

Return of certified supporting documentation to the sender.

Saturday delivery

Saturday delivery at the sender's request.

Extra insurance

At the sender's request, we insure shipments that exceed the basic insurance limit in transport.

Hypermarket delivery

Shipment delivery to markets. The service includes verification of supporting documents and their review by the recipient.

Time Defined Delivery

Guaranteed delivery within a defined time period.

Tender documentation

Delivery of tender documents within the agreed deadline.

Replacement shipment

If your delivery contains the wrong items, we offer the possibility of sending a replacement shipment.

Opening package

The receiver may visually inspect the delivery upon delivery.