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Domestic transport

Standard services

24 h Express delivery

The main activity of EXPRESS ONE is shipment delivery within 24 hours. It provides a wide diversified network, with vehicles and routes throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. This type of service includes pick-ups at the sender location, and the realization within one day at the recipient location. Such delivery services are enabled by delivery on Saturdays.

Pick-up, transport and delivery of packages and pallets from one address to another within 24 hours inside the country to private and business clients


  • Personal support by experienced logistics professionals no matter where you are
  • Comfortable goods pick-up at home, or the address of your choice
  • Professional support of our trained staff and our own hotline to help you (1311)
  • Prolonged availability and services
  • Fast, flexible and safe delivery in a delivery optimized network throughout BiH
  • Delivery on the first working day after pick-up
  • Other supplies included
  • Online real-time monitoring
  • Extensive additional services

Additional services
SDS – Special Delivery Service, Defined delivery time, Documents return , Saturday delivery, Valuable shipments

3rd Party Pick-up

Pick-up at a different address allows the client flexibility during transport planning, with maximum comfort and security.

This service is used when the addresses of the service order and shipment pick-up are different.


  • Comfortable goods pick-up according to customer’s wishes
  •  The ability for Your customers to order pick-up as well, increasing the attractiveness of your service offer
  • Prolonged availability and services
  • Fast, flexible and safe delivery in a delivery optimized network throughout BiH
  • Delivery on the first business day after pick-up
  • Other supplies included
  • Online monitoring in real time for You and Your client

Additional services
SDS – Special Delivery Service, Defined delivery time, Documents return , Saturday delivery, Valuable shipments

Return Shipment

Shipment return is a standard service for our clients and a part of our logistics solutions for express transportation within 24h inside our network.

After two failed attempts to deliver to the recipient address, the shipment is returned to the address it was sent from.

Safety of a well established process allows our clients carefree order placing

Additional services
SDS – Special Delivery Service, Defined delivery time, Documents return , Saturday delivery, Valuable shipment

Direct Transport Service

For Your individual transport requests regarding weight, dimensions and goods manipulation needs, inside an individually defined chain of pick-up and delivery, we offer our clients direct lines outside our network.

This service represents direct delivery to the destination with no additional loadout location or goods manipulation. 


  • Maximum individualization of Your transport needs
  • Different choice of vehicles and capacities for different cargo structures (LTL, FTL, Sondertransporte)
  • Very fast logistics through direct tours
  • Manipulation needs adapted to a specific need

Additional services
SDS – Special Delivery Service, Defined delivery time, Documents return , Saturday delivery, Valuable shipments

Additional services

SDS – Special Delivery Service

This service represents important refund insurance within the logistics service.

Goods delivery is performed exclusively after the collection of funds requested and indicated during delivery.


  • The most comfortable way of safe money refund
  • Avoidance of forced money collection costs
  • Optimization of Your financial business

Documents return

Return of potential enclosed documentation to the shipment sender within 24 hours.

Express return of validated enclosed documentation to the sender within a separate shipment.


  • Favorable optimization of Your administration
  • Efficient and established process
  • Elear identification via shipment barcode

Saturday delivery

The delivery is organized on Saturdays according to sender request, for recipients unavailable for delivery during business days due to work responsibilities.

Organization of the delivery on Saturdays according to sender request.


  • A comfortable solution for delivery outside of business week
  • Benefit of higher delivery probability of Your goods

Valuable shipments

Implies all shipments with a value exceeding BAM 50.

Valuable shipments are shipment orders with value exceeding a certain limit. These shipments follow a different logic of cost calculation and insurance.


  • The cost calculation is performed according to shipment value instead of weight
  • Valuable shipments are specifically labeled and treated as priority
  • Valuable shipments have an especially high level of security

Hypermarket delivery

Delivery of pallet and package goods to warehouses for supermarket supply within 24 hours throughout Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Package and pallet delivery of supermarket goods within 24 hours throughout Bosnia-Herzegovina according to a specifically defined and individually created catalog of service and demand.


  • We offer our clients an opportunity to connect different cargo structures and increased manipulation needs within a single network
  • Bear in mind the need for individual adjustment term.
  • Due to complex requests standard solutions are not possible here.


Time Defined Delivery

For packages and shipments in need of an even faster arrival, the best option is our TDD additional service. It guarantees delivery of Your urgent shipment (except on Saturdays; not possible to combine with supermarket delivery), as requested until 09:00, 10:30 or 12:00.

Available to all clients, individually adjustable for packages and pallets. Shipments (warning: not including supermarket delivery!) will be delivered to recipient address until 09:00, 10:30 or 12:00 at the latest. Please note the possible options regarding time and availability of this service based on postal codes.


  • Prioritized processing of Your shipment during manipulation and delivery
  • Even faster to the recipient
  • Different delivery terms selection

Auxilary services

SMS service

Use our fully automated technical systems and follow the spirit of the times with Your logistics! The SMS service gives you maximum optimization of your goods’ transport and sensibly widens the capabilities for your recipients.

Systemically guided, automated sending of an SMS message in the form of Aviso information to the mobile device of the shipment recipient.


  • Fully automated, comfortable and prompt reception of information about delivery to the recipient
  • Optimization of delivery speed towards the recipient


e-Mail delivery report

Ensure Your competitive advantage through our integrated, fully automated system and use the information about the key guidelines of goods delivery performance in real time, in the form of e. g. individually defined package.

Systemically guided, automated sending of individual shipment details to a specific e-mail address of the sender, defined according to purchaser requests.


  • Information advantage over competition regarding service dimension of logistics
  • Fully automated, individually adapted information regarding important guidelines of Your shipments (delivery, pick-up, SDS, rejection, etc.)
  • Optimizing Your Customer Service Performance

Flexy bag

Our Flexy-bag is an ideal solution for packaging the smallest shipments containing soft and unbreakable materials – waterproof and easy to use, yet fully equipped for the usage of all Track & Trace system benefits.

Flexible packaging solution, available in various sizes for soft, unbreakable materials – Follow the instrutions for use.


  • Simple to use
  • Cheap for purchase (can be obtained from any driver)
  • Flexible in use (Warning: not suitable for fragile, high quality goods!)
  • Various choices regarding size and packaging

Telefon Aviso

Profit by sending shipments with maximum delivery probability using an electronically launched, personally performed telephone Aviso to Your recipient through our deliverer.

Exclusively electronic, personal and secure regarding data protection, Aviso-call from our deliverer.


  • Comfortable, safe and electronically available on the shipment level
  • Personal contact and increased delivery probability during goods delivery phase
  • Secure regarding data protection and visible at  any moment in real time through Track & Trace
  • Possible combination with our E-mail Report service
  • Very interesting for sector B2C application

E-Mail Notification

By using our E-mail Aviso service, take advantage of all the possibilities of client data integration into Your shipments. During shipment information handover, Your recipients receive a fully automated digital notification and can thus react to the delivery attempt even outside our business hours.

This service is selectable exclusively through electronic means, in which during shipment preparation the recipient gets an automated digital Aviso-information as an e-mail, together with important information on sending and delivery. After message delivery, together with editing and updating options, You as the sender will also be notified automatically on the same day.


  • Electronically adjustable service to the shipment level
  • Maximum customer integration and networking
  • Digitally supported data processing and automation
  • Delivery probability assurance

Special services

Phytosanitary service

This service includes various services regarding manipulation/transport of highly sensitive goods and strict legislative requirements, as well as appropriate temperature/handling requirements.

Phytosanitary service includes various logistics services and service elements defined according to special regulations on transport of certain goods group in Bosnia-Herzegovina and is offered through an individualized transport/client profile.


  • Manipulation adapted to goods type
  • Sensitive goods verification and approval through authorized institutions and partners
  • Temperature-defined transport within customer predefined temperature requests.

Additional services
highly individualized orders – all details upon request and individual offer

Special transport

Wherever the cargo structure regarding size, volume, loading, handling or goods structure (e.g. ADR) is such that it requires the use of special vehicles of various capacities, special transport is the only solution. Services of this type are performed in a highly individualized manner and according to measurements. They are impracticable as standard and thus must be completely clarified, point by point, in writing, in detail and on time, at least 3 business days in advance with our sales representative/staff in production.

Special transport includes transport of shipments with dimensions or weight that overload the ordinary network.


  • Engagement of specialized expert staff and special material
  • Vehicles not scheduled in ordinary traffic
  • Delivery possibility outside ordinary tour time period

Additional services
highly individualized orders – all details upon request and individual offer

For more information on the preparation of contracts, costs and general information about our services, please contact Customer Service by phone number 1311 – our agents will be happy to answer your questions at all times!


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