Domestic transport

3rd Party Pick-up

Pick-up at a different address allows the client flexibility during transport planning.


  • Shipment pickup at the address desired by the client
  •  The ability for your customers to order a pick-up as well, thereby increasing your own customer satisfaction
  • Prolonged availability and services
  • Fast, flexible and safe delivery in an optimized delivery network throughout BiH
  • Delivery on the first business day after pick-up
  • Online monitoring in real time for you and your client
  • Additional services
    SDS – Special Delivery Service, Defined delivery time, Documents return , Saturday delivery, Valuable shipments

24h Express delivery

Collection, transport and delivery of packages and pallets from one address to another within 24/48 hours in domestic transport to legal entities and individuals.

3rd Party Pick-up

Shipment pickup at the address desired by the client.

Return Shipment

After two unsuccessful delivery attempts, we'll return the shipment to the sender's address.